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"I think Red Creek Marinade is the best in Texas. I travel all over Texas and eat at so many places I feel I can really talk about beef, steaks and BBQ. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association is in the beef business and we know what it takes to make tasty, delicious meals for hardy, hardworking cowpunchers. I can say without a doubt that your marinade really enhances a bite of beef. Eating and working on Texas ranches, I've learned to really savor a good meal of Texas beef." - Kenneth L. Chambers, Field Inspector & Special Texas Ranger, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Ft. Worth, Texas

"On July 1st my wife and I had all our family and friends at our mountain cottage for a 'mish-wi', a French-Canadian style BBQ. We used Red Creek Jerky Marinade on lamb hindquarters (marinated 12 hours). It was terrific! We plan to use it again at a beef BBQ in August. This product is excellent." - Leo S., Montreal, Quebec

"As you know, I have been using your mesquite jerky marinade ...even before it was bottled and labeled and want you to know I've found it to be the best tasting and most versatile marinade I've ever used either at home or on the chuckwagon for the past 27 years. ...The cowboys love it and I won't take the wagon out without it. You have honestly bottled a true taste of Texas and I wholeheartedly endorse Red Creek as being an excellent product, practically a staple for use on all cuts of beef, fowl and game. Congratulations and best wishes to Red Creek!" - Joe Propps, 6666 Chuckwagon Cook, 6666 Ranch, Guthrie, Texas

"Let me extend my compliments to you on a great new product. The Convention & Visitors Council is continually using your product to promote the Amarillo area. We are delighted to be able to use a local company's product and are hearing wonderful things about the marinade. Best wishes and good luck!" - Director of Convention Sales, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, Amarillo Texas

"I have enjoyed Red Creek Marinade as a tenderizer and flavor enhancer for lean beef. The all-Texas product encourages controlling fat and calories without cutting the palatability of a juicy grilled steak. The marinade isn't limited to use with just meat; it's also a tasty addition to vegetables." - Alby K. Peters, C.H.E. CEA-H.E., Texas Agricultural Extension Service

"I just wanted you to know that your Red Creek Marinade is fantastic for beef or venison jerky. Making jerky is new to me, and when my husband kept telling me to practice, practice, practice I became suspicious. Come to find out, it kept disappearing into his tummy as fast as I was making it." - Sherri M., Munday, Texas

"Thanks for the Red Creek Jerky Marinade... We had it today - put it on some beef I used to make fajitas with - it really did add a nice flavor. My sister and brother are out elk hunting this week. If they get one, I'll let them borrow the marinade..." - Karen G., Eugene, Oregon

"I had the privilege of cooking for a 'little' cook-out that ended up feeding over 300 people. I cooked 6 briskets, 2 wild hogs whole, 2 Spanish goats & 130 lbs. of chicken. It was the best goat I had ever eaten - much less cooked. The reviews are still coming in. Everyone thought it was the greatest! I highly recommend using Red Creek at all cookouts - as an overnight marinade or as I did - a SOUP to keep it moist during cooking." - Glenn R. Brzozowski, Haskell County, Texas

"We sure have enjoyed the bottle we got while in Texas this past summer. Please send us a case." - De W., Hartsville, Tennessee

"I bought a case of your marinade to give as Christmas gifts to some of my special customers. The response has been very positive and I've received thank you notes, each asking where they can find this product. We live in the heart of Texas beef country and most of my customers raise their own beef and take great pride in preparing a perfect steak. They are all sold on Red Creek Marinade!!! Good luck to you and may all your steaks be tender and seasoned to perfection." - Becky O. , Munday, Texas

"I want you to know that I am thoroughly impressed with your Red Creek Marinade. I am enclosing a check for another full case. Being from Iowa this is quite a compliment to your company. We are the home of ******'s barbeque sauce which has always been our all-time favorite. Those days are now gone." - Marg G., Fort Dodge, Iowa

"We have just used your Red Creek All-Purpose Marinade. We loved it. Please send a catalog!" - Thomas M., Lipan, Texas

"I fully enjoy your Red Creek All-Purpose Marinade. Please let me know where I can purchase this in my area." - Martha B., Canyon Lake, Texas

"Would you send the address of store's stocking your all purpose marinade in the 12 fl. oz. bottles or LARGER? I use about four 12 oz. bottles a month!" - Ken C., Chickasha, Oklahoma

"Friends of our from Crane, Texas gave a bottle to us and we love it! I would be willing to buy a case if you could sell it to us." - Melva D., Whitesboro, Texas

"Several years ago we were introduced to your mesquite all purpose marinade ... near our home in Houston. I was very impressed with the flavor of the product for marinating a number of different meats, as well as with the over all quality of the product. I brought many bottles of the product to our summer home here in Minnesota last year and gave most of them to our friends up here who were similarly taken by its taste and quality. I am wondering now if it would be possible to order a case of this product." - Herb D., Bemidji, Minnesota

"We have to drive 53 miles one way to get your product! Is there any way we can order it direct from you?" - Betty T., Putnam, Oklahoma

"LOVE THIS MARINADE! My daughter brought it from Texas. Is there any store around Vermont or New York selling it?" - Genevieve L., West Pawlet, Vermont

"My husband and I visited some friends in Logan, New Mexico last month and we tasted some beef jerky they had made using your mesquite jerky marinade. It was so delicious that we bought two bottles. When we got home we marinated a tri-tip roast and barbequed it. It turned out so good that we would like to find out if anyone in our area carries it. If not we were wondering if we could order a case direct from your company." - Sally D., San Jacinto, California

"We were in Texhoma this summer at friends'. They used your marinade on BBQ meat. We couldn't believe anything could be so good. We brought 2 bottles home. We are almost out but can not find it here in California. Where can we get more? Can you sell to private parties?" - Mrs. Earl P., Bishop, California

"I have looked in 7 different states and many more towns and can not find Red Creek all-purpose marinade! Where can I buy your product as I like to use it often. I bought 4 bottles and now have only 1/4 bottle left! I'd like to get 6 - 12 bottles. - John M., Lakewood RV Park

"I have used your marinade and found it to be a superb and tasty marinade." - Mrs. Del D., Dallas, Texas

"We recently purchased Red Creek Mesquite Jerky Marinade. We sure like it!" - Alice E., Greenville, Texas

"The first time I tried Red Creek Marinade was a year ago at my sister's house in Amarillo. She grilled marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts. I had never tasted chicken like that. It was great! I insisted she give me her recipe. Instead, she gave me a bottle of your marinade. These marinades taste great on everything I've tried --chicken, pork chops and steak. A friend of mine has used them on venison and bacon-wrapped dove breasts. Excellent! Amarillo really shouldn't keep this product a secret!" - Carol G., Marion, Illinois

"I can't say much for your telephone number. It's been 'busy' for days. Anyway, we like your marinade. I would like to order 6 of your jerky marinades." - Thomas D., M.D., New Orleans, Louisiana

"I purchased your jerky marinade at the Christmas show in Las Vegas last November. I enjoy it very much. I will take six more bottles immediately." - Walt C., Las Vegas, Nevada:

"The Red Creek Marinade was a delicious addition to our meals. I used the marinade on both beef and deer steaks with equally satisfying results. The Gourmet Blend adds a spicy mesquite flavor. The jerky marinade is not as spicy, but still has a delicious flavor. Anyone looking for a new way of preparing wild game or domestic meat, the Red Creek Marinades are a very good option." - Carl Kummer, Ray Township, Michigan

"I tried the marinade products on several different meats including elk steak, deer hamburger, meatloaf and beef. The marinade gives meat a hearty flavor that is delectable. I can truly say I have never tasted a flavor so good. I am finding the marinades work great on a variety of dishes." - Kelly Steele, Wendover, Nevada

Reprinted from January/February 1997 issue of North American Hunter, the official publication of the North American Hunting Club.

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