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   Red Creek brand marinades do not contain fats, oils or cholesterol. It is not neccessary to refrigerate Red Creek marinades after opening, and all our marinades have an extended shelf life.
   Mesquite and other woods are not neccessary to get that smoked flavor. The flavor is already in our marinade! Our products tenderize any cut of meat, and retard meat shrinkage while retaining the natural meat juices.

All Purpose Marinade
Our basic all-purpose marinade. So mild, even babies love it! Our #1 seller.

Jerky Marinade
Use for all types of jerky - beef, turkey, venison, any of it! Also a great all-purpose marinade.

Bold and Spicy All Purpose Marinade
Extra spices with just a *hint* of heat. A favorite of hunters! Fantastic for wild game, but great for fajitas, brisket, jerky, and steaks, too! Wonderful for Cajun-fried turkey!

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