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Home of award-winning gourmet mesquite marinades and recipes for smoke, grill and barbecue.

North American Hunter Magazine: "I tried the marinade products on several different meats [...] I can truly say I have never tasted a flavor so good."

Kenneth L. Chambers, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Ft. Worth, Texas: "I think Red Creek Marinade is the best in Texas.[...] I can say without a doubt that your marinade really enhances a bite of beef."

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Red Creek Marinade products

   Home of Texas' own award winning gourmet marinades. Used for years by champion competition meat cooks, these fine marinades are now available to you. You can now prepare delicious smoked, grilled and barbecued meats indoors or out with Red Creek!

Our basic all-purpose marinade. So mild, even babies love it! Our #1 seller.

Use for all types of jerky - beef, turkey, venison, any of it! Also a great all-purpose marinade.

Extra spices with just a *hint* of heat. A favorite of hunters! Fantastic for wild game, but great for fajitas, brisket, jerky, and steaks, too! Wonderful for Cajun-fried turkey!


All Red Creek product labels proudly display these logos:

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Red Creek Marinades are not seasonal products, but to the contrary are used year-round in a variety of cooking methods. Meats marinated in these products will taste as if prepared outdoors over mesquite coals and will leave no artificial taste.

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